project studio   
Artistic, inexpensive composition, recording, mixing and mastering for solo artists, small groups, theater and film.  Clients and collaborators range from neophytes to superstars; what they have in common is a taste for the unusual and the desire to work with an engineer/producer who can relate to them artistically.

Situated on a bluff in Malibu (7 miles from Santa Monica), Seamonster Sounds has a rustic vibe conducive to creativity. We can help you realize your sonic vision without draining your wallet.

(Pool is empty now.)


The contents of this site (mp3s, etc.) have not been updated for a few years (it has not been a priority, obviously). The site will remain dormant until the new studio remodel is completed, at which point it will get an overhaul. In the meantime, the site might provide the vaguest hint of what the world looks like from here now.


View from the patio. Seamonsters not visible.




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